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eQ Better Basements

The foundation to a better home starts from the ground up. At eQ Homes, we go above and beyond the standard to build basements that are drier, healthier and an integral part of your living space. Our basements are engineered with superior insulation and vapour barrier to retain heat and prevent moisture penetration, all of which translates into a basement that your family can actually use and enjoy all year round.

eQ Better Basements Ottawa
  1. 2” Closed Cell Spray Foam
  2. 3” Rigid Insulation Cast & Poured with the Foundation Wall for a Drier Healthier Basement
  3. Dimpled Foundation Membrane to Control Moisture
  4. 6mm Poly Vapour Barrier to Protect Your Home
  5. Framed Perimeter Walls with Dry Wall and R12 Batt Insulation
  6. Electrical Outlets

Not all finishes listed above come standard with our Townhomes,
Back-to-Back Towns, or Condo products. See agent for details E.&.O.E

eQ Enduring Quality