The Benefits of Living in a Bungalow

benefits-of-living-in-a-bungalowIf you are in the process of buying a home it is always a good idea to narrow down your choices. For many, new bungalows offer the perfect opportunity with open concept living, easy one level space and an attractive home that is ideal for both young and more mature couples and families. Here are the benefits of living in a bungalow:

Easy to Maintain

Living in new bungalows makes it easy to enjoy more down time. You do not have multiple levels to keep clean, staircases to vacuum or too many bathrooms to scrub. Instead you have a single level home with everything you need to live comfortably without the added burden of too much space that will take up time to clean.

Safe Living

New bungalows offer a safer option for living as all of your rooms are located on the same floor. This is perfect for those with mobility issues as a bungalow does not offer two sets of stairs to contend with everyday, several times a day. Instead you can eat, sleep and relax on one main level with plenty of light and space. It is also ideal for young families with small children who will also be in less danger of taking a tumble.

Lovely Designs

Bungalows offer many lovely architectural design elements with plenty of charm. Gables, pretty windows and decorative details such as columned stoops makes the bungalow the perfect home with curb appeal. They are quaint yet have many sophisticated details making them the perfect balance of homey and stately.


Living in new bungalows is the eco-friendly choice for families concerned about the environment. It takes up less green space to live in a bungalow which leaves a very small footprint on the planet. It also takes up far less energy to heat and air condition a bungalow due to their compact size, ultimately making them more affordable.

Small and Comfortable

With the trend towards reducing living spaces, the bungalow is ideal with open concept plans that offer light and airy rooms. Space is used wisely with every square centimeter being optimized. Kitchens are designed for perfect work flow with ample storage and work surfaces. Bathrooms have high end finishes and closets are designed for optimum storage.

Living in new bungalows offers low maintenance, safe and eco-friendly living with optimum use of space for ideal comfort and design appeal.